What is Imagery's new Artistic Fellowship Position?

The Artistic Fellowship position is a two-year rotation, providing an emerging dancemaker with the following:

1) Artistic mentorship from Artistic Director, Amy Seiwert
2) Arts administration mentorship from Managing Director, Annika Presley
3) Choreographic commissions for SKETCH 9 and 10 (2019 & 2020)

Artistic Fellowship

The Artistic Fellowship position, a two-year rotation, provides an emerging dancemaker with artistic mentorship from Amy Seiwert and arts administration mentorship from Managing Director Annika Presley,  as well as two commissions during the SKETCH series. The new Fellowship program will offer Artistic Fellows the experience and tools to further their careers as artists and choreographers and become the next leaders in the field.

“Imagery’s new Fellowship program is a natural progression for the company, the SKETCH series will continue to foster risk in ballet based choreography. In addition, we will be serving the field by fostering the next generation of arts leaders. Our Fellowship offers both artistic and administrative mentorship, offering the tools needed to make the jump from a performing career to an artist’s next step,” said Artistic Director Amy Seiwert. “I am thrilled that Ben Needham-Wood has been selected as the first Artistic Fellow. Ben has been an integral part of Imagery since its inception in 2011. I have much respect for him as a dancer and choreographer.” - Amy Seiwert

Artistic Fellow: Ben Needham-Wood

“I am beyond thrilled to be selected as Imagery’s first Artistic Fellow. As a young artist it was my experience with Imagery’s inaugural SKETCH program that helped me reimagine my potential, and the company has continued to nurture and inspire me ever since. Amy Seiwert has been at the center of this journey and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to follow her leadership. This fellowship is an exciting new chapter for Amy Seiwert’s Imagery and I’m so excited to be part of its growth.”

Ben Needham-Wood is a San Francisco based dancer, choreographer, and dance educator. In his performance career he has worked predominantly with the Louisville Ballet, Amy Seiwert’s Imagery, and Smuin Contemporary American Ballet where he currently serves as a dancer and rehearsal assistant. Ben received a regional Emmy Award for his choreographic work on the TV segment BaseBallet (CSN Bay Area) and has had his choreography performed throughout the United States and Canada.