Celebrating new beginnings

On June 30th we held our sold-out performances of SKETCH 8 at ODC Theater and three days later I moved to Sacramento. I have officially started my role as Artistic Director with the Sacramento Ballet, which has been thrilling and overwhelming and an absolute joy. We will build on Sacramento Ballet's artistic roots and take flight in new directions with my first season, Roots and Wings. If you can, I would be honored if you join me there.  Our first series, Telling Stories, has some Imagery favorites set on the beautiful artists of Sacramento Ballet, including my own Instructions (SKETCH 6) and Adam Houghland's Cigarettes (SKETCH New Works & SKETCH 6).


Amy Seiwert

Sketch 8 dance fest cooking up new works for SF performances

By Aimee Ts'oa for The Mercury News

“Cooking requires confident guesswork and improvisation — experimentation and substitution, dealing with failure and uncertainty in a creative way.” ― Paul Theroux

Choreographers are like chefs in more ways than you might imagine. Their ingredients aren’t fruits, vegetables, meat, herbs and spices, but bodies, movement, music, fabric and light. Balance and proportion are the keys to success for both. While it might take all day to put together a delectable repast, it can take several weeks to create a half-hour moving feast of dance.

To see the results from a local “choreographic kitchen,” check out the Sketch 8 dance festival presented by Amy Seiwert’s Imagery company, June 28-30 at ODC Theater in San Francisco’s Mission District. This year’s theme is “Origin Stories.”

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