Dance Film

The dance film genre is an amazing opportunity to make an ephemeral art concrete. Not simply a documentation of choreography, this genre allows for exciting exploration as well as opportunities to show dance in new ways.

Amy Seiwert's first dance film, Veronica and Vincent, created in collaboration with film maker Ben Estabrook, was premiered at the prestigious Dance Camera West Festival in 2013. Seiwert was also invited to take part in the SF Dance Film Festival’s Co-Laboratory, where she worked with film makers Kristine Samuelson and John Haptas, creating Barn Dance, which was screened at San Francisco's International Film Festival (Kabuki Theater, May 2014) and Short Wave Festival in Poland (2015). The trio finished their second collaboration Silent Disco in early 2015. In 2016 Amy Seiwert and Ben Estabrook collaborated on their second dance film together. Just So, a morality play exploring anticipation and the ’70s, was featured at the prestigious Cinedans festival in Amsterdam in Spring 2018.

Veronica and Vincent

Co-Director / Choreographer: Amy Seiwert
Co-Director / Editor: Ben Estabrook
Dance Artists: Andrea Basile and Brandon "Private" Freeman
Music: Daniel Bernard Roumain

Inspired by a true life relationship and set to a musical score of the same name, Veronica and Vincent was composed by Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR). DBR did a recorded interview with an elder from the neighborhood he grew up in, recounting - with some regret - her relationship with her deceased husband. DBR then edited that text and interspersed it with his original violin composition. Veronica and Vincent, originally choreographed for the stage to DBR's score, captures that longing for connection and the nostalgia that can arise when that opportunity is no longer available. This re-imagining of the duet features dancers Andrea Basile and Brandon "Private" Freeman. Co-Director / Choreographer: Amy Seiwert Co-Directors / Editors: Ben Estabrook

Barn Dance

Co-Director / Choreographer: Amy Seiwert
Co-Directors / Editors: John Haptas and Kristine Samuelson
Dance Artists: Sarah Cecilia and Weston Krukow
Music: Darren Johnston and Fred Frith

Barn Dance (2012) screened at the SF Dance Film Festival in 2012, the SF International Film Festival in 2013, Short Waves Festival 2015, Philadelphia Screendance Festival 2016 , 2016World Dance Alliance – Americas: Digital Dance Concert, Dance Film Day 2016, Oregon, WA; From Jaffa to Agripas - Video Dance' event 2016, Jerusalem, Israel.

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Silent Disco interprets an experience of isolated yet intertwined dancing to disparate music tracks on headphones.   

Choreographer: Amy Seiwert
Co-Directors: John Haptas, Kristine Samuelson, and Amy Seiwert
Sound: ZAP, Zoetrope Aubry Productions SF
Music: Mobi

Silent Disco (2015) screened at the SF Dance Film Festival and NYC Independent Film Festival


A morality play exploring anticipation and the ’70s.

Choreographer: Amy Seiwert
Co-Directors: Ben Estabrook & Amy Seiwert
Dance Artists: Pascal Molat & Brandon "Private" Freeman
Music: Darren Johnston

Just So (2016)  screened at the SF Dance Film Festival; Short Waves, Poland; Tiny Dance Film Festival; Perth Dance Festival; Cinedans, Amsterdam; Words on Dance, San Francisco; 40th North Dance Film Festival, San Diego