SKETCH 2 |The Women Choreographers



SKETCH 2 | The Women Choreographers
August 2-4, 2012 ODC Theater

World premieres by Amy Seiwert, Julia Adam and Gina Patterson

How does a 500-year-old artistic language sustain and develop a relevant voice for today? For an art to evolve, it must be practiced continuously. Choreographers need the opportunity to create work in an environment that encourages risk and innovation. SKETCH creates that fertile, intensely creative environment. On August 2, 3, & 4, ODC Theater will become the site of the final performances of a month long investigation in the process, and the glass ceiling in ballet. While there is not a prescribed agenda regarding what the dances will “be about”, there is no question what the process is about...women in ballet. Amy Seiwert’s Imagery is commissioning some of the country's most talented and gifted dancers and choreographers to come together, collaborate, and investigate ballet in an environment where habitual reactions are discouraged. Risk, challenge, and questioning will be at the forefront of what is the evolution this art form, keeping ballet relevant in today’s artistic landscape.

The lack of female ballet choreographers in a field where most of the participants are women is an odd phenomenon, and SKETCH 2 is a perfect vehicle for addressing this lack of opportunity within the field. The titles of the articles written on the topic say much, for example the New York Times article by Claudia La Rocco, “Often on Point but Rarely in Charge,” or Evan Namerow’s response to New York City Ballet’s Architecture of Dance Festival - “Architecture of Ballet: Men on Top, Women on Stage” in the blog. The suspected reasons for this trend are many, and though suspected reasons can be debated, Ms. La Rocco states a simple truth in her article, “ women have flourished as artistic leaders in modern dance (albeit with some struggles), ballet has lagged behind.” Seiwert, Adam and Patterson were professional ballet dancers, and all three danced well into their 30s. All were training seriously by age 12 and came of age in an environment with few women in leadership positions. Imagery is dealing with this bias the best way we know how – creating opportunity.



“Amy Seiwert calls her Imagery troupe's current engagement at ODC Theater a ‘sketch,’ but there was nothing indecisive or half-baked about the absorbing program that opened to a sellout crowd on Thursday evening.”

Allan Ulrich’s SKETCH 2 review San Francisco Chronicle, August 3, 2012

The Women Choreographers

Amy Seiwert
Julia Adam
Gina Patterson

Jamielyn Duggan
Sarah Cecilia Bukowski
Peng-Yu Chen
Rachel Furst
Brandon “Private” Freeman
Weston Krukow
Ben Needham
David Barocio