INSTRUCTIONS [Excerpt] July 2016

Premiered at SKETCH 6 | Use Your Words
Cowell Theater on July 8, 2016
Choreography by Amy Seiwert
Poem by Neil Gaiman
Music by  Benjamin Brittan performed by Michelle Kwon
Costumes by  Susan Roemer Lighting by Jim French

Starting Over at the End - [Excerpt] July 16, 2015

Choreography by KT Nelson and Amy Seiwert
Music by Franz Schubert. 
Lighting by Jim French
Commissioned and performed by Amy Seiwert's Imagery
Premiered @ SKETCH 5 | Stirred ODC Theater,
San Francisco


Back To [exCerpts] July 2015

Commissioned and premiered by Amy Seiwert's Imagery

Choreography by Amy Seiwert
Music by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings
Costumes by Christine Darch
Lighting by Jim French

Don’t You Remember?
[excerpt] July 24, 2014

Premiered July 24, 2014
Choreography by Amy Seiwert.
Music by Kevin Keller
Commissioned and performed by Amy Seiwert's Imagery as part of SKETCH 4 | Music Mirror. Co-production of ODC Theater